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Welcome to the Czech Association for Neuropsychology (CANP)

The Czech Association for Neuropsychology is a professional neuropsychological society, which is based on democratic principles and cooperation shared among academic and clinical professionals and students interested in the field of neuropsychology.

Our main aim is to support active community life, cooperation, and communication among professionals and to bring together the neuropsychological community in the Czech Republic.


The Czech Association for Neuropsychology (CANP) was established by a constituent meeting of 68 members (48 members eligible for the regular membership) in 2018 as a democratic organization of professionals dedicated to the field of neuropsychology in the Czech Republic. CANP serves the experts and interested parties as a platform for sharing professional experience and promoting professional standards in the field of neuropsychology in the Czech Republic.

The main aim of the CANP is to enhance communication and support cooperation between experts in neuropsychology and related disciplines and to organize professional events.

The mission of the CANP is to promote comprehensive education in neuropsychology (graduate, postgraduate and lifelong), to set standards of professional ethics and support research in neuropsychology in an effort to establish neuropsychology as an independent professional discipline in the Czech Republic.


The main aims of the CANP are:

  • to protect the interests of neuropsychology experts and to support neuropsychology as an independent scientific and clinical professional discipline.

  •  to create and to enforce professional standards in neuropsychology through democratic discussion among experts in the field,

  • to enhance mutual communication among professionals, to support the process of setting standards of the professional ethics in the field of neuropsychology,

  • to organize professional seminars, workshops, conferences and other educational and scientific events,

  • to support research in neuropsychology

  • to participate in the development of specific neuropsychological procedures and methods

  • to provide expert neuropsychological counseling

  • to participate in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, professional and lifelong education in various neuropsychological disciplines

  • to promote cooperation with international professional organizations, to encourage mobility of neuropsychologists

  • to represent the Association in international institutions devoted to neuropsychology, to protect the interests of the members of the Association in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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